modern day slavery

Ati Government secures 100,000 jobs for Kenyans willing to work in the United Arab Emirates.Hio nikuuzwa na serikali yako kama slave.Nangoja kuona videos whatsapp za watu wakiteswa huko dubai…


Enyewe hao waarabu ni watu wabaya sana.

Who can respect you if you bear names other than those given to you by your forefathers, bleach your skin, attach horse /hyena hair on your head and look for pale skinned partners to give you children ‘with the good complexion and hair’…and most of all you offer your prayers to gods who look like your slavemasters…no one will I tell you.

Waafrika tuko na ujinga kweli…as Boukman told Haitian slaves before the revolution began on the plantations…“Cast away your white god…you are free”


haha very true, huko ni mateso tupu