Modern Coast Inaanikwa Kule MKZ

This lady complained on Buyer Beware about losing her parcel, which opened a floodgate of complaints.

85% of the comments are by people who allegedly also lost their parcels or had run-ins with super rude staff. I hear the owner died a few years back, so this sounds like another Tuskys, probably left to cocaine-addicted brats. How do such businesses stay afloat when they actively show the middle finger to customers? Are they just fronts for drug dealing and/or money laundering? Kuna mambo huku Kenya hunishangaza sana.


Luck of working system has allowed criminal enterprises to thrive with reckless abaddon… siukuizi mpaka shop zingine employees have their own payment system…

These are the issues that discourage me from opening new branches. I don’t think I have the mental strength to deal with this kind of nonsense. I wonder how serial entrepreneurs do it.

Kuna reason founder wao alikua assassinated

Can you imagine shop kama muthokinjo employees wako na payment system where they add their profits na wanakupea receipt… kitu march nilikua nimebuy rangi ya almost 230k when I was going through the receipts napata paint zenye ziko fixed price wameongezea 300 -600 … the total was adding up to 12k. Long story short waliona siku ndefu and I got a refund.

Modern coast ni ya Nani?

He was a terror financier he had to go

Muthokinju is stupid and their customers even worse. They have a shop near my place where they sell Duracoat 4litres @ 2300 their next-door neighbour sells the same @ 1800.

This is exactly what I am talking about…
Io 2300 ndio being ya employee but bei ya mwenyewe ni 1950.

That’s crazy and stupid. Adding 350 shs when the owner receives maybe 150 to 250 gross profit per can is greedy and criminal. That kind of theft can’t last long. Customers will ultimately realize and start avoiding the place and it will take a long time for them to repair their reputation, if the business doesn’t collapse entirely. When the owner of Double M buses was still alive, he would board random buses in his fleet to gauge the customer service. Everything went to shit when he died. When most Kenyan entrepreneurs start earning good money, they leave the day-to-day or “dirty” aspects of their business to relatives and other unqualified individuals. That’s why most businesses rarely survive the death of their founder.

Mimi walijaribu kunizungusha nika jipeleka mpaka madam mwenywe… they tried to reach out but I wasn’t having it was so bad mpaka barrier ya counter ikatolewa wakaweka desks apo .
And its not limited to them at timesales employees use the company hours to sell you accessories from their own shops.

Jamaa alikuwa anaitwa Shahid Pervez Butt. Alimiminiwa risasi kama 30 huko 2014 by “unknown” gunmen. His overseas business dealings indicate he could have been into money laundering. He’d also appeared in court on charges of funding terror activities as @Dunya said hapo juu.

The Sh5bn empire that slain Modern Coast bus owner built - Business Daily

Interesting.I have never known the guy was assassinated Aboud Rogo style

Labda alipotelea na parcel ya mtu akatandikwa ma AK47