Mod, what about a religion category? I’ve got a religious discussion I want to engage with Mayekeke

Mod, it would be nice if you included a religion/faith/spiritualism category. Some of us have got some serious religious stuff that we would want to square off.

Over the holidays, I made efforts to analyse Islam and I believe I have got sufficient arsenal to objectively demonstrate to Mayekeke some obvious inherent flaws with his faith.

@mayekeke, I want us to seriously debate some issues regarding your faith and demonstrate to you why Islam will share the same fate with the dodo- that extinct Mauritian bird- should world Christians ever decide to say the fateful words’ enough is enough’

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me too got something to ask for, what about i become co. admin? i have just realized pple were applying to be mode and your nigga didnt have a clue. on that shit comments are disbd. what admin? what?

Let’s debate. I doubt analyzing Islam over a period of 2 months is sufficient enough,I have been a Muslim for the past ten years and everyday I learn something new about Islam.

mod on duty… i had posted an uncut dick… what happened… ama unaji nice nayo ??? makei wewe…

hebu toa utoto hapa, wacha wazee wadebate,

wapi picha ya uzee ?? hekaya pelekea wanderi…

@ol monk hebu chapa hii nugu mstari…

Does that involve lessons on how to roast jordanian pilots? o_O

What do you think?

You seriously should have some decency, I saw that post and it is a good thing it got pulled down.

I personally don’t know what to think, they said that it was a “good” thing they did

… just admit unajinice nayo… mundu(B S M


mundu Bull Shit…