Mock exam Jitters

Shock as students in five secondary schools in ‪Kilifi‬ burn down dormitories in a well coordinated plan ahead of mock examinations.
Majaoni,kilifi,chumani,chasimba and dzisoni secondary schools were set on fire last nyt by students who dont want to sit for the mock exams.
Its that time again and The madness has begun
Tulikosea wapi Jameni?

Village photographer umesahau kazi yako.

sorry for that, am angry at these form four bastards, why didnt they just walk out of the school compounds and go to hell, they aint the only ones learning in the institutions. Nasasa wale wako form one wamepata ideas.

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Yeah. And why do they have to burn dorms? The government needs to jail these miscreants and force them to participate in SGR construction for free.


Your attempt at sarcasm has been duly noted. I mean those that burn schools should be given that as a punishment not all secondary school kids. That is just an analogy. Capische?

Was attending a disciplinary case yesterday for my son. Walikua wamekataa kufanya mtihani pia. I think kuna shetani huamka exam time. Lakini ata Yesu hakusita kutumia kiboko ilipohitajika.

We had guys in highschool who would always disappear when exam times come…walikuwa walalo wote na mkikuyu mmoja…hadi wa leo, I have never understood why people fear exams that much!

me too. i remember time ya KCSE i was still chewing Jeffrey Archer, Tom Clancy and co books. i think i turned out alright

Ours has become an increasingly violent and militarized society. Often the adults supposed to be the kids’ role models are themselves the perpetrators of such violence against fellow men, sometimes with no consequences. Over time, the same kids now see violence as a normal way of resolving differences and addressing grievances.


There is always a fear of using those mock exams results to judge your ability in KCSE exams in case of mass exams cheating. My friends and i burnt a dormitory during mock exams period. Kurudi shule, 3 of us were suspended and 4 expelled. We moved on to score straight As and joined campus, 2 joined cadet, and one joined US navy.

Kwa nini mlichoma?

Tuliogopa Mock results kutumiwa kugrade in case KCSE exams zileak so we had to get the easiest way not to sit for the Mocks.

Boarding schools should be banned.

what do you suggest

Has that ever happened?


At that age, this question could not be valid. Of importance at that time was to score a good grade in KCSE and get a ‘better’ future.

Hehehe…sawa, nimekupata.:slight_smile:

hata kwetu embu wamegoma kugoma

shule gani,

hope hawaja choma