Mobile loans: tala, branch and the likes

Hey anyone here ever taken Tala loan? What is your current loan limit? Have you ever considered how much it’ll cost you and how long it’ll take you to attain their 50k loan limit?

Sisi tunapeana loan apantambua kukopa!

Avoid the temptation to get addicted to cheap mobile loans. You will be caught up in a never ending cycle of borrow and pay for petty amounts that add no value to your life.

poisonous is what they are

So tru @mathiisee

In my line of duty I meet people struggling with these mobile loans from tala to branch etc. The desperation in this economy is taking a huge toll on people. Pesa onge kabisa.

Tala interest ni 15 %… Na watakuanzia na 1k… Good for emergency but if you can avoid achana nayo kabisa

I did some math on their concept and realized by the time you qualify for 50k, you’ll have borrowed 50 times(months) and spent over 200k on interest and mpesa charges.

Loan = Betting