Mobb Deep

When it was real.

Amerikaz Nightmare

Hell on Earth & The Infamous niliskiza sana era ya radio cassette. Ikibamba sana you get a biro pen unarewind press play

They ain’t no such thing as halfway crooks ,

This was super dope…Shook Ones pt 2 was and will remain a masterpiece.
RIP Prodigy

‘You need to buy a CD and stop rewinding this’.

Let’s see how much of HH buff y’all are- who said that line?

Black Thought of The Roots track The Next Movement.
Very eeeeeaaassy.
Anyway Big up to kila mtu on this here thread.
R.I.P Prodigy H.N.I.C for real.
What can i say @user_manual …for real niggas who aint got no feelings ha! Enyewe miaka ime enda lakini wembe ni ule ule.


[SIZE=5]Hear I was thinking njaruos huskiza hizi :





Shout out to you @Lonely Lover and everyone on this thread as well for appreciating realness. Y’all are true Gs. Hip Hop ain’t dead.