mob justice should stop!!

a friends cousin was lynched by a mob at
donholm on sunday, he was a nis officer and
was clearing traffic ndio wapite and an idiot
from nowhere snatched one of his guns ,the nis
guy shot the idiot in the ass with his other gun
and took his gun…some cops who were passing
by disarmed him and left him at the mercy of
umati ati ni mwizi…so painful.
my friend alioponea chupu chupu… this whole
lynching should stop…its very unfortunate that
police are the ones encouraging it…now a very
young highly trained guy (former recce) is lying
dead in a mortury because of wrong
judgement…and this is not the first case iv heard
a mob lynching an innocent person!!

Mob justice should indeed stop…its so primitive

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sad, but kwani ye ni traffic??? If he’d sat patiently in the car like the rest of the other road users…

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Dont they have identification? How was he carrying the gun if someone an idler could see it and snatch it? Why did he have two weapons? Why didnt the police arrest him considering the seriousness of his crime? Why was he clearing traffic? Was it in the news? I read a serious hekaya here


I do not support mob justice but I get really irate at those VIP body guards (NIS or otherwise) blocking the road to free their vehicles from the gridlock.

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It was in the news so sii hekaya. Hizo swali zingine ziko sawa sana twangojea majibu

yes it was in jana’s daily nation page 8, he had carried them at the waist mbele na nyuma, why he wasnt arrested i dont know, why he was clearing traffic i dont know…why he was carrying two weapons i dont know…but he was in an antiterrorism unit in nis!!

Guys licensed with firearms feel so entitled. I am not happy that he died but I have come across several of them some not in even in the forces. Jamaz feel like wao ndio serkal.

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What a sad way to lose your life… I don’t support mob justice at all simply because of the many people who are killed innocently. The word justice in the phrase inafaa ikue changed to something like mob idiocy

If someone made a wrong judgement then it was definitely his, if he had patiently waited his turn in the jam, if he had not produced a gun to intimidate other drivers, the crowd that formed and took his life wouldn’t have been there.


mob justice should continue labda wewe ni mwizi unatetea wenzako

he had identification…but had left his wallet in the car!!

you should loose a relative or friend under similar circumstances and you will stop reasoning like that!!

Im not surprised at the police action/inaction however. We have a police force that is rotten to the core. Casing point is the cover up in pastor james ngangas case.

Like i said

it was in the news. RIP Kimathi

Case in point

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This was an intelligence officer. They are on duty 24/7.

he was not intimidating anyone…an idiot who is now chained to his bed at mama lucy hospital stole his gun and started running!!

primitive energy!!