mob justice and public lynching

[ATTACH=full]9896[/ATTACH] I do not know about you guys,but I cannot sleep at night knowing I lit the fire that took out the life of a human being. Maybe my opinion could change if I was subjected to armed robbery,stabbing,etc. Lakini their are people out there who harbor alot of hatred for thieves na huwa wakwanza kukimbilia mafuta petrol to lynch or the famous tyre. Btw where do members of the public get tires that quickly.
media mata naambiwa this scene has happened at Bamburi mtambo,mwisho.
I once hit a phone thief so hard I literally dislocated his jaw. That was the last time

a person who arms himself to harm others because of greed needs to be removed from this world by whatever means…just about two weeks after two young men cruelly twisted my arm even after i had surrendered my phone and cash (some 1300 and coins!), punishment because i was not carrying pesa ya maana, i found one of their ilk cornered for robbing a mother at knifepoint. i gave him a well-aimed kick that was meant to ensure he never reproduced in future…


Nimepita hapo saa moja nikaona jamaa ana kua roasted. Kuuliza uliza hakuna mtu ameniambia alikua ameiba nini na wapi.

Ni wapi hapa?

i thought it is clearly stated “Bamburi Mtambo”…


those guyz can kill or maim you for a few coins, wacha wachomwe

If caught red handed wachomeke not if one is a suspect.

What other way can a jaw be dislocated…spiritually



nimeambiwa ni mwizi wa motorbike

The mob usually doesn’t have alot of info. on what them guy stole. In campus kuna mwizi wa laptops alishikwa hapo ADD, jamaa alichapwa na group 1, wakaenda, group 2, wakaenda. By the time I got there alikuwa ananyoroshwa na group 3 who didn’t have an idea of what went down, all they knew ni huyu ni mwizi, what and where he stole no one knew.
But thieves deserve it, ikiwa your house has been attacked by a gang at night and you went through the horror, ukiskia mwizi ameshikwa you actually give money to buy fuel

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I have No mercy for robbers. I support their extermination but not mob justice. I’d rather we mercilessly mete out the death sentence.

have seen this maafakaz burn since i was a kid,although siwezi participate i have no love for them,the knew the risks going in

He who feels it,Knows it(Romain Virgo)…Ukipitia mkono ya hao wezi ndio utachange mind.unapigwa zaidi juu hauna pesa ya maana…wengine wanakuua they deserve wat comes to them.

What is that cop doing in the first pic? Anaangalia ka nyama imeiva ndio agawie hao wamesimama hapo kando?

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Wachomwe WAPI snapdragon?

@snapdragon how did you survive hio kichapo yote?

iv got nine lives ,if i die ill rise again like Jesus

Exodus 22:2

Congrats, Mr Phoenix…how did you manage that?

be copypasting these things isay