If the heading is an affront to your convictions, move on, I don’t need to hear it; and if I do, you will will be greeted by my sadistic doppelganger, and hail you I will, if you are not grossly offended; it has been clearly stated
Otherwise, karibuni Club Deranged.
You know… I was randomly surfing the web, and I remembered some funny stuff from long long ago in the military; my protege and I received a trouble ticket due to a network outage, and we duly headed to the location for troubleshooting.
I think the trouble ticket was generated from the LRS Squadron (Logistical Readiness Squadron).
Once there, the communications closet was located inside the respective Superintendent’s office; so you come through the office main door, and then through a smaller door inside the office to enter the closet.
We went to the office, and it was empty at that time, and thus we walked to the closet and set out to troubleshoot the issue.
Lost in the machinations of “trouble-sh1tting” one of the potentially not so few OSI Layer 8 and 9 issues, we lost track of what was happening outside the closet.
Lunch ilikuwa murram earlier. Agonized in the aftermath of genocidal obliteration of, give-or-take, one kilo of murram or so, stomach perturbation reared its ugly end on me incessantly. A round of gastrointestinal flexion was in order to elicit some relief from my quagmire.
A couple of adjustments were systematically made to the pneumatic governors, and bootstrapping routines were invoked; such was the magnificence of the melodic resultant , Cristofori Bartolomeo would approve any day of the year.
A primary school class trip had us buckle up and head on out to KU Music Department… The extant KU Music Department then had very formidable staff members; not the least of whom was Professor Senoga Zake; credited as a member of the “dream team”, thanks to which, from a Mzee Galana inspired Pokomo lullabuy, the contemporary Kenya National Anthem became.
During the tour, and as a by the way, a professor indicated that for the piano we all know well, we can thank for its existence one Cristofori Bartolomeo (The name fascinated me much, I never forgot it).
Anyway, the melody had a very elegant crescendo-to -fortissimo flow of cadence, and the confines of the office walls impressively amplified the reverberation of a tweeter-like whistling, to a woofer-driven hip hop bass speaker concoction, and even I was impressed; not a mean feat for it takes a unique measure of potency to score the slightest admiration fromward me.
I almost fainted! The very high ranking Superintendent had barked from his desk. We had no idea he had returned. My protege was closer to the closet door, pensively peeping into the office to watch the Superintendent’s actions, and as soon as his phone rang, and he picked up the handset to attend to it, literally in the blink of an eye , and in Houdini style, my friend was nowhere to be seen. I cursed to myself…crap!!! now it’s just me. So I kept completely quiet, stopped troubleshooting, peeping ever so slightly, trying to catch any cue he was about to walk out, or attend to the phone, and in the nick of time the phone ran again; in kind, and I don’t even remember how all the troubleshooting tools we had jumped back into the laptop bag, I was on the hallway in the next instant.
Slightly before that, I was to later on hear that, my buddy co-incidentally ran into a female Sergeant from our Communications Unit (remember the troubleshooting venue was at a customer location). He was walking down the hall laughing so hard all by himself, he almost could’t stand straight, so the perplexed female Sergeant was puzzled, she was like, what happened? my friend could not yet speak for at least another 3 or so minutes. Then I emerged, laughing equally as hard, and the female Sergeant turned around and saw me also laughing hard, she had a blank stare of WTF is going on here!!! Later on at the office, and after regaining composure, we narrated the horrendous tale to her, and she laughed almost equally as hard…

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