At what age does a lady stop waiting for Mr right and settle with Mr available

When you become mature enough to know that all men are the samw,class tu ndio huchange

Never compete with people, wait for the right time. There is someone heading for a honeymoon today, anapitana na mwingine akirudi kwao. tafakari hayo

They Stopped in 1999

at age 56, when she finally realises what the universe has been trying to tell her all along.


When you stop saying all men are dogs.

when you finally have something to bring to the table besides a has-been coomer

All girls are programmed for Mr right. Mr available inauma sana; it takes hitting the wall which is even more painful for a woman to make that adjustment.

65 years

Senior spinster @TrumanCapote ,ebu kuja toa maoni hapa


This is why it is always a bad idea to settle for old women :D:D

thate fae si mbali


Ile siku utasikia mzazi akikuambia please pata hata mtoto, tunataka kuona mjukuu. Menopause sio ndengu unaeza chemsha.

Guys, if you settled for an older woman past 25 years, you were Mr. Available :D:D

:D:D:D… I pity the men who will date you… Watakuwa wana-ambiwa that they are not REAL men if they cannot handle a ‘strong-and-independent’ woman with her own money…

Ati REAL men should date women who know the signs of stroke…:D:D:D:D

Ndio huwa nasema we’re living in a simulation… Human behavior is eerily predictable

Such women with pressure to get married are usually low hanging fruits for any fisi who is too lazy to hunt in the forest. She will think that Mr. Available is actually available but in the real sense Mr. Available will leave soon after achieving his goal.

When she is one year to menopause or some years after. When she realizes feminism is a total bullshit.