Mnaonaje hizi frames?

I’ve been designing custom wall picture frames made by sandwiching a photo print between two acrylic sheets then held together by black rivets. I make them in A2 size (about 60x40 cm or 24x17 inches) and each goes for Ksh. 1,500.

Frames niliona ziko sahizi kwa market ni either soo expensive ama old looking ama bad quality. Nikaamua nitatengeneza yangu.

Hizi frames ziko beautiful ama? Alafu, mtanunua nikiweka Jumia kwa hiyo bei? Feedback is highly appreciated.

Wewe ni elder na haujui ku post full picture… zinakaa sawa, but hizo rivet uweke area hazionekani, they are messing with the aesthetic pf the picture.

vile amesema.
otherwise a good start.
i bought 2 A3 ones at 3k so hii A2 at 1500 each seems fair

Can you post good pics?

Rivet zinaharibu look. Also do away with the rounded corners, they make the pictures look like table mats/sheets.