mnanitumia vibaya

murudishe mkono, muwache upus


Fuck him!
Hiyo pesa yake Khalwale has been paying fees for his numerous kids.
Them other fucker Western MPs with a minimum of 3 wives ndio wamlipe.
Ohh and the innumerous funny churches.
Sisi other Luhya folks are wandering hapa kule to survive after all our industries in were robbed dry.
Fuck him!!

Walipe deni

muwache upus, mkitumiwa fare, lazima mkuje through, sio kupigia mtu simu wakati gas imeisha then mnapea tibim votes yet hatoi kitu

Siasa ya pesa nane.

Hatuna deni alijirudishia mkono na Mali yetu ile aliuma.

Dude , me being against a stupid assertion ya deni hatujui doesn’t mean I support Raila.
We need a new leadership in this country. We are wasting away one of the most educated and talented youth the world has. Remittances is now our number 1 income. Basically labour is our country’s best income , not tea not tourism.
My wish is ODM fumbles the president election as always. Oparanya gets mad after losing, washikane na Prof Kibwana. Hoping pia Mukhisa Kituyi joins them.
At least let’s a good plan B.

Kenyan politics ni tucker tucker