MMNN sos

All employers in Kenya are expected to submit lists of employees failure to which they will be liable to fines of up to Ksh.100,000 or six-month jail terms.

Ngoja kwanza,when was this authority created?

Ulifuta mimi kazi huko mmnn without giving me a reason and a pay, tukutane kotini.

Hawa National Employment Authority ndio akina nani?

will tell the judge its the system which locks you out if you fail to log in for a week

ata mimi natafuta majibu.
last year i was ambushed by NITA and NWHSA

Sasa hizi ni zingine umeongeza. Ni za?

Weeeh. Uhuruto & cronies hawachezi

Do they even have the manpower to enforce this???.. What about areas you have no contractual agreement with an employee? What of where employment is on casual or seasonal terms?

National Industrial Training Authority
you supposed to deduct 50 bob from every employee and remit to NITA by the 9th of every month.
National Water Harvesting and Storage Authority
if you have a bore hole you pay 1k/yr if you harvest the water manually or 5k if you use machinery

enforcing this bullshit is as difficult as possible. Wakikuja in your work premise unawashow all these are interns. Case dismissed.

Naona head office iko Mwiki…okay.

Briefcase or rather envelope authorities. Hao naweza tu wa ambia hadharani ain’t doing it, take me to court. Kuna siku nikiwa base jamaa wawili wamekam ati hao ni watu wa MSCK, kulikua na ngoma hio place. Ati license sijui nini nini. We never refused but told them tunajua mahali offices zenu zipo tutakuja lipia huko. Walituachia sijui contacts, a photocopy of music law dating 2012 but hatukuwai waona.

Jesus! Where does the gavaa takes all this money??

all MMNN employees to provide the following docs asap
1- Pin
2- Huduma numba
3- letter from chief and mzee wa nyumba kumi
4- ID
5- Marriage cert
6- Academic certs including ya Grade 3
7- cert of gd conduct

briefcase authorities na wako na mbickup kubwa kubwa fourwheel double cabin, alafu wana kuvamia wote mtu sita including driver

Hata afande @pamba? :smiley:

yes, na copy of current payslip

Hao dawa rahisi, act with all the confidence, who are you and what’s your mandate? They’ll explain themselves for like 5 minutes. When was this authority constituted, never heard of it? Where is your head office in this county? Utaskia sijui HQ ni Nairobi or some nondescript location. Aren’t you overstepping your jurisdiction? Wakianza more explanations you forge a phone call, and ask a colleague kama ashawai skia about them. Behavioral reactions will tell your the deepest truth.

the water guys gave me an account in KCB mayacos where i was to deposit the money, NITA threatened to take me to court