MMNN: Kahuro, Kiharu Muranga county

20yr old killls grandpa and another old man, third man admitted in hospital.
The old men had traveled from Naks to Muranga to attend a funeral at iyego today. the 20yr old has been arrested.
more details later.

Fangi ni mbaya.

The ferks wrong with the people of murash? Is it moral decay or drugs and booze?

Fangi ulimnunulia?

Now that’s moral decay of the highest degree why do these to the elderly…??

No comment.

Siyo mimi…

couldn’t have been you, been a long time since you were in Naks
leo whitecup tunakunywa wapi?

Murang’a ilirogwa kitambo na warogi wakakufa!

warogi wa gaturi, na nitapitia gaturi in an hours time from now

Many parents have abandoned their role of supplying society with sons and daughters who can live peacefully with others.
Maybe there should be parenting training as part of curriculum.


Do you know the very first kikuyus in laikipia and riftvalley were running away from witchcraft in central.

Exactly. A reason why most kyuks don’t settle in their birthplace. Other tribes think it’s bcoz we are too adventurous and enterprising. No way!

ni maheni, nindarega hau, aapana.

Ni guo, they would run away to save their remaining children from evil relatives

still not convinced, will get back to you after i consult with elders, ninjui nikwari murogi na mundumugo