mmmm……some Kenyans still miss Moi?

So, whenever Kenyans experience nightmarish horrors of terrorism, some of them confidently blubber that at least the Moi Error was competent in terms of ‘security’.

Of course what they don’t realise is that during the disaster that was the Moi regime, terrorism was still in its infancy. Demons like Alshabaab were virtually non existent. Islamic radicalisation hadn’t taken root- at least in East Africa. You’ve also got to realise that nature is such that, generally, things continue getting worse as time goes by. In 1990, there were less rape and murder cases than today. If you look carefully, you’ll realise that the world is tardily moving along a very poignant and iniquitous direction. If, in 1960 there were Y number of dreadful events, today the number would be 3Y. In short, the world is becoming more and more evil. This, in part, explains the runaway levels of insecurity that we are experiencing.

But it is quite naïve for anyone to actually miss the tragedy that was the Moi regime. Do people realise just how many thousands of young people were literally wasted by the Kanu disaster? Do Kenyans really recall the billions that were viciously plundered by Moi’s lieutenants? Can Kenyans recall, for example, the 2 infamous harambees that were organised ostensibly to help women and the youth only for the millions to disappear into thin air?? Money printed for ’92 campaigns???..etc etc etc etc.

Many Kenyans, in order to defend Moi’s performance in terms of security, argue that Moi’s ears ‘were on the ground’ courtesy of the overbearing provincial administration. This is true but we must realise that Moi’s ears ‘were on the ground’ in order to preserve his regime and crush any fermenting rebellion. All dictators are always alert. Moi was alert not because he cared about the security of Kenyans but because he was always paranoid especially in the wake of the abortive coup.

Sometimes I fantasise a bit and wonder where we would be if Kibaki had taken over from Kenyatta in 1978.

Frankly, anyone who misses the kleptomaniac regime of Moi is an idiot.



And pray who was in charge of the printed money in 1992?


Mundu Mulosi sure and there is something in that dude that i have never liked. Frankly, i always change channels whenever i see him shamelessly pontificating on the TV. Mind you, that money printing catastrophe continue to haunt our economy even today. But politics is such that voters will always embrace a Mobutu due to euphoric madness, sheer stupidity and tribalism.


I still stand by my words, that man has commited too many crimes. He is not only unfit to hold office, he should be a free man.

Unless he was jailed last night, all I know is that he’s a free man and not likely to face any charges any time soon.

The URP wing of Jubilee is filled up with thieves who have a high sense of entitlement. Ruto is a baggage and Uhuru needs to open his eyes before it is too late.

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I always cry a little inside when people say ‘afadhali siku za moi’
You only need to sit and listen to young men growing up in the 80s to know how things became fucked up. my dad always mentions how their livelihoods came under threat after the abortive coup. the fastest way to rile him is to mention moi.
Moi finished the coffee and tea sectors in some regions. opposition regions to be precise. go to some villages and if you mention moi you are likely to be pelted with stones.
Hell, even state corporations were not spared. the tale goes of a herdsboy who was whisked from a grazing field straight into the MDs chair at a state corporation.
The superhighway was supposed to be built long before Ubako occupied office but your guess is as good as mine as to where the money went.
the mess that the SAPs left in some families after breadwinners were retrenched is heartbreaking. it really is amazing how one man can mess the lives of millions of people.
insecurity was there especially the folks who fight over cattle. only that KBC could not dare cover it. and there was no alternative media. after multipartyism, Pre election violence in some places was a given. this was to ‘cleanse’ the voters register.
the only thing we can credit the old man is that we did not slide into a civil war mess like many other African countries.


Kwanza hiyo ya destruction of the economy, on that I don’t think I can ever forgive him.

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I beg to differ. It’s not Uhunye who needs to open his eyes. Ni sisi wapiga kura. If uhunye insists on sticking by him, then we should know where to cast our votes. After all, even the bible puts it succinctly that two cannot walk together unless they agree.


And this was only because we are ‘blessed’ with many tribes forever suspicious of each other, hence it was impossible for tribes to gang up. Otherwise, if kenya is made up of two or three tribes, i am sure during the Moi regime, there would have been a civil war whose magnitude would have bore gruesome resemblances with the Rwanda’s genocidal apocalypse.

You are right. UK cannot be absolved from blame if his deputy and close associates are mentioned in mega scams. Something has to give eventually.

i especially dread imagining how state firms were thoroughly and properly raped by semi illiterate buccaneers. Of course the so called MDs, in order to remain in Moi’s good books, would give him millions which he would then use to buy loyalty and make huge contributions in fund raising events.
Of course ignorant Kenyans would then clap when Moi would make his ‘personal’ contribution of 2m in a harambee.
It was just very irritating that a fence sitting politician would enter state house and leave with 10m to buy ‘Unga’ for his family.
Those incessant Harambees did more harm than good


I’ll name just one: Kenya National Assurance Conpany (KNAC). That thing collapsed with whatever monies had been saved for my college education. How I survived is quite a feat in itself. Every time I passed by their nondescript office on Harambee Avenue like I did yesterday, I always feel like throwing a huge boulder in there, for old times sake. :mad: :mad:

And to imagine that some of the pple who caused the collapse would go on to be rewarded with appointments to head other corporations as well as other political appointments as though they were being congratulated for a job well done. :mad:

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I heard that he had briefcases stashed with money in State house and wherever he used to go. He would give it to his sycophants and wananchi at various trade centers to buy their loyalty. Politics of patronage destroyed this coutry.

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And the church which should have been our last bastion of defense was complicit in all this mess. Look around you and see how quickly MO-1 and his functionaries dished out public land to churches to buy their silence. :frowning:

we even elected these buggers! na sijasema H. Kosgey

do not be surprised by this. historically they have been like the monkey that sees no evil, talks no evil and hears none of the same. Nazi Germany case in point.

Wasn’t it Jirongo?