im amazed and scared at the same time:


good thing hakuna solid power source, even if these robot niggas rise up all we have to do is wait for them to run out of juice and sell them for scrap

Like any technology ,battery power is getting more advanced with time .
Soon these soulless things will be running for days without a recharge

Ndio utajua hujui…we have quantum thinkers out there and I wouldn’t be surprised when a new endless energy source is discovered soon.
The machines will rise and John Connor is a myth.:slight_smile:

What if they automatic know bat low and know how to recharge… If your phone can alert u whn the bat is low… This fellas ita reach a point in time the know whn to plug em chargers just like you know when to sleep… AI programming

The only bad thing they can do to human after they rise is pipe his wife. Dumb robots are wise though, they already sent their perverted dicks in advance(Dildos) and before we know it we will be in for a big surprise. We should resist#

Shieet!backflip maze!!better than human