Mmemalizia Rwanda sasa. Business Opportunity is here.

For manufacturers and vendors


*Since Rwanda does not allow plastic paper-bags, they use the same material we have currently switched to. This has resulted in a shortage of the same down there. Because Kenyans buy like there’s a crisis. Mmestockpile hizo bags ni kama kesho ni apocalypse, hehehe. Hurumieni ndugu zenyuni bana

Rwanda will start manufacturing their own plastic.

This story makes no sense

Nimejaribu kuelewa nikashindwa

They use what we have currently switched to and we are probably taking up more than the manufacturers can produce for both of us.

Plastic tena??

Oh. When i read paper bags i assumed unamaanisha plastic paper bags and had trouble understanding why they’de complain the plastic paper bags are scarce yet they dont use them

Wale wanasema hawashiki ni blondes… What the story mean is demand here has shifted the supply from there to here, Kenyan business people are buying in bulk mpaka hazitoshi for the market there

Am more confused than before ni isome

in Rwanda they call the brown bags,. envelope

My friend from Sierra Leone ame-land pale JKIA akasema tony hii nchi yenu ni safsana. Nikamwambia I hadn’t noticed. She keeps up with daily news and she realized there are no plastic paper bags littering the city. Same thing I noticed vile niliingia mjini Kigali.

KUDOS wakenya. The outsiders are noticing.

:D:D:D Let me also try to notice kesho

Am in this industry… It’s crazy i tell you…

I have like 20 of those bags. it’s the best way to promote a hawker during rush hour

I also noted the plastic bags were the dirt in Nai.

Rwanda is a small country.