Mlevi Sugu

Babe can handle her Liquor … :joy: :rofl: :fire:


Hehe this type will end up puking in bed. Better not be hosting such at your crib


True story

A buddy once did me a solid throughpass during last year’s wrc. The girl was down for whatever but I think also nervous at the same time juu when we got to the bnb she was really swallowing the whisky as we whiled the night away with card games. After the small sherehe me niko hapo najua baaas it’s about to go down, the chic just suddenly ran to the washroom and intermittently puked for about 2hours. By the time she’s freshened herself up and returned to the bedroom I had lost all interest


Heheheh ama by the time she comes back she has puked everything out including her liver anataka kuishia

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It’s a common tactic they use to avoid fucking a guy they’re not really into.

  1. Getting too drunk and then puking in a theatric fashion, ultimately killing any lust or sexual interest on the man’s part. No one can maintain an erection when the stench of a woman’s intestines is still wafting through the air.

  2. Skidmarks – this is a more insidious tactic practiced by hardcore prostitutes. Old-skul whoremongers like @MTINGIZA_KITANDA have fallen victim to this at one point or another. The whore deliberately fails to clean her ass-cheeks, and then she plants her smelly ass on your lap, or she insists on giving you a lapdance. A few seconds later you realize your white t-shirt is smeared with feces. Instant erection killer.


:green_emoji: :green_emoji: utaniua na kicheko umbwa hii…hata sina comeback


Siumekapitia elder?

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Elders mmekapitia kweli ni philosophy tu