Mke Wa Mtu 13


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Endorsed …:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::bouquet::revolving_hearts:

Hiyo sura inanichanganya, is it the same person, in one photo she looks beautiful in another photo she looks scary.

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Husband yake akiona pics zake Kwa hii site, si atakua na issue nyumbani?

Siku enye mtu atadungwa kisu ya matako atawachana na bibi za wenyewe

Does she have an egg shaped head or it’s the hair style and camera angles

She qualifies to be actor of Annabelle horror series

Why expose her if you are using her sexually? Do you intend on getting her killed by her husband?

That only happens to clueless Juveniles … :blush:

Why …???
If her pics are already in the public domain …
Why would he have an issue …???
The post simply says “Mke Wa Mtu” and nothing more … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ni Yeye …
Would You like to see more , with less … ??? :grin:

Hii type wakitoa nguo is not a pleasant sight. But as long as mkia ni tight siwezimind

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