Mitsubishi Shogun for sale- leaving the Country

[ATTACH=full]3530[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]3531[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]3532[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]3533[/ATTACH] leaving the country and is selling my Mitsubishi Shogun sports year of manufacture is 2007. We imported the car from England in 2013, has all the documents and service history from UK…the car is accident free…57k mileage, manual transmission, asking price is 1.9 m. I need to sell it quick we are leaving the country soon

how many people nowadays know how to drive manual cars…was almost stranded in k1 on sato coz i was too high to drive na mama alikataa kujua kukanyaga clutch…longest 20 minutes of my life


looks good…

I love manual cars, they are the best for long distance drives


Kwani kuweka full image ni ngumu aje?

Looks good.
Apart from the vehicle, are u selling household electronic items? weka mbicha yazo tuzione. na bei yake

Hiyo clutch huwa ina nishinda kukanyaga :eek::eek: my driving instructor used to make fun of my legs ni za mluyha
they r too heavy to lift …

Once a manual, always a manual.

so true…since theyre still making new 2014/2015 models i know ill be changing gears for a long time

clutch is always an issue but its better to learn driving using a manual car than an automatic, hapo you will be an all round driver sio GMO. However kwa these start-stop jams of Nairobi, using a manual unaeza itana

that statement has left me with an unusually hard erection

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Kwani wewe ni mluyha :confused::confused::confused:

no but the thought of me nibbling on your sexy toes drives me wild

Ukishajua hizo mareflex thats all. its never a problem. Huonangi mat vyenye zinaenda na ni old manuals.

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hizo reflex ukizoea inakua part of body movements

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I like that feeling its as if the car is part of you feet. You have control like a god.


vile @Electronics4u ameuliza

pole boss lakini hapa sioni ukiuza gari ya 1.9m watu bado tunatumia bundles mwitu millioni ndo tutapata? Mimi pia nimtu ya manual lakini ya bibi ni automatic


“boner deflates,walks away depressed”:slight_smile:

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hehe manze jana @Elin alinienjoy sana