mitsubishi rvr

why are these cars cheap?a friend bought it at 1.2 and its a kcl.moreso he says an imported one costs 1.6-1.9.which is quite cheaper than a 2010–> fozzy.

Meffi cars thats why:meffi:

just look at the specs … durability & reliability , the rating too … ask why they can’t try that with the EVO10

That isnt cheap.

Boss that comparison isn’t worthy to be honest Evoz are on another league altogether compare RVR/ASX to Nissan juke or honda crossroad at least

AMG CEO i am sure to you a 2014 toyota landcruiser L200 is an understatement

The 2010 model na kuendelea are quite good and very hardy/durable…
The engine size was reduced from 2.4 to 2.0
so more practical for everyday use…

Hizi ni nini watu wanaendesha?

Expensive doesn’t always mean high quality.

Heshimu wazee saidi jakipash.najua uko na 5000cc:D:D:D

Yeah but i have done my homework,its a 1800cc durability ni chini sana.wacha nishikilie 2011 fozzy yangu.

If it ain’t German ,it ain’t right …

kweli mkubwa