Mitsubishi Lancer Evo vs Subaru WRX STI

And the winner is…

Evo lakini STI pia ni poa

Check the stats from the local rally scene… Utashangaa sana… Subie ni kelele mingi tu

EVO [SIZE=1]quoting from Google even though Mimi ni team [/SIZE][SIZE=6]Legsus.[/SIZE]

For the price the Sub wins. Evos are expensive to own

Evo beats STi big time … subaru ni jina tu … check the specs na price … kwanza io sijui inafika 260 km/h ama … that machine is carzy … but ni guzzler kuruka

When is the last time these 2 participated in the wrc, the past half decade has been a battle of the ford fiesta and vw polo

The two have been rivals since then … anyway I’d pick Evo anytime … you can camp a whole day along Thika road and fail to spot one , unique.

Mitsubishi is the ultimate racing machine.

Evo is in a league of it own sti haiwezi karibia