miti ni wewe na umaskini wako

The sheer audacity of a government agency to post this



Mitoto ya mbwa no longer cares. He’s now showing Kenyans the middle finger publicly. Watoto was maskini waendelee kukalisha vinyambis chini ya miti as a government agency “inspects” a private school owned by the royal family. Mtadu?



hiyo fees makes the school deserves being posted by pdu! kila mtu apambane na hali yake, that’s the message being passed.

it comes with The territory

Ndo maana tunasema lala mahali pema peponi. That school is like a conglomerate of mission complex, university, hotel, airport, and stadium.

The fee fits in. Deserves the attention. Wacha ile yangu ya mud classrooms. BTW, I only put on a pair of shoes at class 8 - candidate privilege.

Shoga mzee why would you care na huna watoto? Your worry should be mental health juu ya extreme loneliness :smiley:

Hawa watoto wa hustles ni very tall - UK is lost in that photo

Don’t the first family own peponi?