Mistubishi Cedia

Hey guys, I have a Mitsubishi Cedia that I bought while back. my issue with this car is the gearbox. Its an automatic one that keeps breaking down every year. since I bought it I’ve changed the gearbox 3 times each at a cost of 60K. I donno if its my mechanic thats playing tricks on me, I’m even considering changing to manual. Can I get a permanent solution to this debercle ama I just sell this economic blackhole??

import the gear box… usibuy huku

Mistake no. 1 : Tht car make

why would you buy a Mitsubishi auto?Subaru and Mitsubishi should be strictly manual unless wewe ni ladyboy

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I bought it back in 2007 when it was a hot cake, saa hii its really depreciated interms of value but I maintained it well, interior na engine are perfect.

Na manual gearbox itanimalizia shida zangu??

uliza @Ibwit I think he is best suited, I think he owns the same make

auto transmissions do not last as long as manuals. their complexity means more things are liable to break down. manual ni simple. clutch na pressure plate are the replaceables. most genuine clutches will do 60k plus kms as long as inatumiwa na mtu anajua kuchange gears n u dont pull stig like stunts. 1 genuine pressure plate can run forever(minimum 2 clutch changes)


uliza @Ibwit I think he is best suited, I think he owns the same make

I rarely understand about cars …just passing thru the comment :smiley:

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Have you been sending your mechanic to buy those auto gearboxes for you? Where has he procured them from?

You most likely have been replacing a dead gearbox with an old one, most likely out of desperation when you need mobility to get away from your wife. Used Mitsubishi gearboxes have a reputation of breaking down. If you can source an almost new one from outside, it should give you satisfactory service. On the subject of changing it to manual, you would be very lucky to find a mechanic who can do it without giving you heart problems.


All Mitsubishi are a big NO for me. I have a gallant juu ya mawe. Mara computer, mara gasket, mara this mara that, mara haijulikani shida iko wapi yet the damn thing decides to refuse starting in the middle of nowhere.

Every car model has its own issues boss, unaeza atanunua gari mpya na ikusumbue sana

@troller are you using the right and original ATF ya hiyo gear box? if you’re using the wrong type mpaka gear box ikusumbue.(Gari iko na maringo kama mpango wa kando, use its recommended).

As for the conversion to manual, gear box ni ngumu kupata then the costs of converting it, you can import but the guy who will fix it for akue anajua anafanya nini coz sio mecs wengi wanaelewa hiyo gari.

Uki fanya diagnostics which are the error codes that your getting?

I did diagnostics ikaniambia ni sensors, I changed them but still the issue persists. can I get spares from Autotrader ama caertraderview?? I’ld rather import plus naona nikibadilisha mechanic. These guys can be conniving leeches, I normally source for my parts

I get them from inda hapo myuma ya Nakumatt mega

Uki engage gear how does it behave? gari inatumia engine No.? and how many sensors does the gear have? may be i can assist.

Gear has 2 sensors when I engage the gear, the car simply refuses to move, hata reverse. Engine no. I’l have to confirm but ni engine ni 1300 cc

The one time a pal’s car behaved like this it turned out that only the valve body was faulty not the entire auto gear box. It wasn’t a Mitsubishi though.