Missionary Style, What If?

In the turn of the last century missionaries from Europe landed in Africa holding a gun on one hand and a bible on the other, they preached about a god Africans had never heard of, they called this new mysterious god Jesus, they talked of the love and many miracles this Jesus had done and the promise of life after death. The concept of life after death was new to the Africans and it did not make much sense to them but the white missionaries slowly convinced the Africans to accept the new god “Jesus” and reject the God of theirs ancestors, The God they had worshiped for hundreds of thousands of years

Now my question is

1 What if the African God is the real God and not the European god?

2 Did the Europeans use religion to soften our hearts so as to make it easier to colonize, steal and loot from our continent?

3 Is Jesus (real name Yahshua) the messiah or a Roman creation ?[ATTACH=full]11461[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]11462[/ATTACH]

4 Why do the Jewish people reject Jesus, do they know something that we don’t? Having in mind Jesus was a Jew

5 Why did the early Christian feel they had to alter the image of Jesus and make him look more of European descent as opposed to his real Middle Eastern Heritage?

6 why is the story of Jesus eerier similar to the stories of other deities who came thousands of years before him such as the Egyptian god Horus, similarities range from the virgin birth to the many miracles and finally to the resurrection on the third day after his death

I can ask this kind of questions all day long, but am sure by now you have a clue as to what it is am leading too

Am no atheist but there are lots of unexplained teachings in the Christian faith, some that do not make any intellectual sense at all

I guess i will be going back to my roots

Thaii, thathayia Ngai Thaii

Above is a realistic pic of how “Yahshua” could have looked like as opposed to what you are made to believe he looked like


Karl Marx: - Religion the Opiate of the Masses
Studies and research suggest that Jesus actually lived in ancient Israel, but not in any way as portrayed in the new testament
he was a regular kid born of two earthly parents, he never did the miracles associated with him in the bible though he was very religious, he was a follower (disciple) of John the Baptist, when John died Jesus took over his work
when jesus died , that was it, the sorties about a resurrection are totally made up


I’m out!!

Religion = brain wash
Religion = racial discrimination
Religion = gender discrimination
Religion = Fake


He he, If that’s how Jesus looked like, am off to get a drink.


when things get confusing and complicated, best thing is just to let “things be”

go hung, am gonna get drunk…who knows,worse still get laid!!![ATTACH=full]11475[/ATTACH]

“I am who I am” so debating whether He was black or not won’t make a lick of difference

[INDENT]:(I expected to see missionary style niki fungua hii post :([/INDENT]


Umenimaliza mblo.

That title got me really confused… Eeh, sorry TL;DR

Mbona unaanika mbicha yangu

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We all read about politics,economicso and religion. Politics:-potus was here you know what happened
Economic:-you know how business men women impact on economy.
Relogion:-pope is coming and you will judge for urself.

only my indigenous religion makes sense to me, i pray facing Mt Kenya and offer my dues under the mugumo tree . nuff said


Hinduisim school of thought is very parallel to Christianity, few differences like they think of God as a woman not man, their Krishna is the Christians Jesus, its only they are very superstitious in many ways but the ignorance of pple saying they worship cows is bullshit, the only religion that is very different is budhism all in all,all religions emphasise on living in harmony and that’s life anyway

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Female perspective kuja hapa ueleze mambo ya missionary stylo.

Read the book _ reflections on Hindu spirituality or my journey to goraptur…

Religions are all the same. Budhism isnt really a religion in the perfect sense although it carries aspects of religion.

Still waiting for Jehovah wanyonyi to resurrect

Mr Monk, i am merely stating the facts about Christianity, not my intention to question or criticize but one wonders was Christianity created purely to worship God or there was another ulterior motive behind its creation like for instance control the masses, create first class and second class citizens of the world etc.

Islam has its faults too, hope when i highlight them here the Shabab boys won’t come for my neck

i also got a bone or two to pick with Hinduism