Mission impossible fallout review

One word disappointed, very disappointed.

how can we have Superman (huyu ndio the only superman natambua) and Tom Cruise in a movie with like only five fight scenes a whole 3 hrs of the fittest fighters. Fuack this movie.

in fact the only person nilitambua kwa movie was the Chinese dude aliwanyorosha wote kama ma umbwa , best fight scene in a movie in 2018 ,we needed like 30 scenes like that.

halafu in the end ati that thin woman ananyorosha villain pure nonsense. The villain infact was pure chieth not fit. If we have to have a woman beating a man fight scene consult the Banshee directors it’s done so professionally mpaka tunaamini like the fight btn the red Indian girl and proctors bodyguard or the fight between banshees gangster girl and the military seal ( :D:D but nilipenda Sana vile seal aliwanyorosha wote wakienda kuiba)

I know Cruise is more of a stunt guy and I loved the stunts but bringing in Superman we needed more action like in The Man from Uncle .

so as a Pulitzer winning critic I give the movie 4/10

again am very disappointed with the scripters and directors

Tom Cruise anazeeka… Cut him some slack

Speaking of Superman, Henry Cavill is set to become The next Ethan Hunt or James Bond. As DC comics concentrates on Solo upcoming movies that won’t include the JL Trinity

Uwes hunanga right ya kureview movie juu unatakanga fight zote zikuwe kama Banshee ama gunfight zikuwe kama Sicario. Those were good lakini not all movies can be like them.

Kubali that sio watoto wote watakuwa wanoma soccer. Wengine wako poa hesabu.

Hata pia Mimi huyo mchinku alinibamba sana, aliwapea war viproper. Kama sio hiyo scene na zile za kufukuzana na magari na helicopters, nothing else to smile about.

btn the red Indian girl and proctors bodyguard
Hii fight scene ndio kali so far nishawai ona in a series

But pia kuweka superman a villain is plain wrong to the fans

MI4 and now is when you wanna review it? Feels too late

I just watched it the other day and am not lazy like you watching a movie one day after its released, am a busy birionea I can buy and sell you in seconds .