Missed cat experience

#long, couldn’t be shorter
The year is 2012,mwisho mwisho and am almost completing my first 3rd year semester at KU, naishi nyayo 4 hostel ground floor in one of the rooms where i share with a close friend who goes by the name Tanui, a medium height well built ex rugby player turned full time pussy chaser,a pursuit i also partake in though mostly with differing strategies from him. Whilst he is super fast and believes in direct knockouts, i take my time and believe in fucking a lady from the brain down (a strategy that rarely dissapoints) but may take time.

It so happened that i had ‘discovered’ this super stunningly beautiful kamba ghel, lets call her mutanu, the previous semester during one of our escapades and instantly developed a liking for her and was still on formulating a strategy to get her when the fast talking fast acting Tanui sweeped her and had bedded her in under a week, a feat that left me questioning whether my perception on her had been blurred by her seemingly exquisite manner or that Tanui just had his game up. All the same,i didn’t let my
feelings show up and had a cordial relationship with both of them, whenever mutanu came by for a match i would leave for "exile’ (a privilege only her got from me, i wouldn’t leave when other kungurus of Tanui were around,neither would Tanui leave when i brought mine over, in fact we had fucked several mutual kungurus and we would sometime try to outdo each other) i started suspecting mutanu had something on me too, we texted alot and Tanui knew this,but didn’t mind, she would sometime meet me and after spending time together would ask me not to tell Tanui about it.

This went on throughout that sem, we would meet almost on a daily basis kwa basement ya library,haikua na watu sanasana unlike other floors, we would converse on varied issues on a deep level and in no time tulikua tumezoeana, but she always stressed that Tanui shouldn’t know about it. she once even dropped a bombshell and posed a question ati “kosk,are you aware that if we’re ever in a room together we will fuck” i kinda didn’t expect it and didn’t say anything, just broke into a thin brief smile and stared straight into her eyes for some seconds before quickly changing the topic, though i knew that to be true, I believed,and still do,that such matters shouldn’t be said directly but implied so as to up the thrill of the chase. The semester ended pretty fast and she wasn’t coming in the next as she was among the first batch of students under double intake so we got to meet in only one per academic year.

Forward to the semester she was at home and me and Tanui were in and still lived together, they were still together but not that tight, and she still communicated with me. it happened that Tanui had some business in their rural hometown, some pool tables and an Mpesa kiosk, he had to go home one weekend to sort up some business issues,he planned to travel on a Friday the same day some of his relatives had come to Nairobi with a msafara to attend a graduation ceremony JKUAT. He wanted to save up on the fare and travel with them back, mutanu had confided in me that she was in her sisters at South C with the cliche don’t tell Tanui. I also informed her of Tanuis plan to go home and she planned to visit me on Friday afternoon,the same day he was to travel. I knew what this meant

Friday afternoon, i text mutanu and find out she’s just started coming, Tanui is also about to leave. I decide to go and wait for her at the main gate as i also see off Tanui. I can’t help but grin at the way things are falling in place without any planning on my side,i thank the gods profusely, this could be nothing more than their divine intervention. Tanui settles for a Nairobi bound bus from thika and i wave many times as i watch it go. I call mutanu and she’s at ruaraka.

she arrives 20 mns later smiling all the way to meet me… she’s wearing a black mini skirt that hugs tight on her protruding heavy ass, a white blouse and brown matching boots…I’ve never seen her that beautiful, we hug tightly and she gives me a wet peck on both cheeks, some pleasantries and lead her ahead. FF tuko kwa room and since its on a Friday, I excuse myself and head out to KM,a shopping center nearby, straight kwa omosh i buy two packets of chipo, head to a nearby wines nkachukua mzinga ya cheap liquor flani ilikua inajiita meakins, sprite one litre and some tumblers and rush back.

she doesn’t eat and opts to start drinking straight, amejiseti on the only chair in the room facing the door. nkamwekea ngoma zake favorite, Rock, and sit on the bed such that i see her directly, she turns and crosses her legs shifting her skirt upwards the more exposing almost yellow filled up hips. my lust is already killing me and she notices, teases me more by opening her blouse to expose more cleavage all the while giggling. I decide to play by her game and take it slow, after all we have all weekend at our disposal

Time literally flies and at around 6 pm, mzinga imebaki kidogo, we’re both now on the bed and she’s less her blouse, a rock song by hinder, lips of an angel, is blaring mikono yangu imetembea all over but nkitaka ku upgrade she pushes me away, im stupified both by her and the alcohol in my system, but more by her, i had never seen or imagined this part of her, the girl was crazy. Just as she’s fumbling for my jean trouser zip the door bursts open and right there stands Tanui na bag eti amerudi…ferk! the ferker couldn’t even call that hakuenda

We were all silent for a while, i was deeply seething in anger and it was hard for me to know nani nlikasirikia haswa, I almost stood up nimshow aende nimalizie and yet again i couldn’t fathom his angers extent on learning the betrayal. it’s him that broke the eerieness by coming in slowly a wry smile on his face, akachukua tumbler akamwaga pombe and sipped then asked mutanu alikam when, she gave short answers as she straightened her skirt and slept facing the wall. I excused myself wore my T-shirt and coat then left aware of Tanui following me with the same forced wry smile.

I walked fast across the corridor all the while regretting of the missed opportunity, yaani ata kichwa! my mind blamed my dick and vice versa,i knew i had to reconcile the both. I was soon inside mbuguz, a famous keg joint in KM downing keg straight from the jug, i took three jugs in quick succession bila kuongea na mtu. Then something came to mind, nkapanda nduthi hapo hadi main hate and took a mat to kahawa wendani a place called White(whore) House…selected one of the many whores that shared a similarity with mutanu and bargained ksh 800 for the night

This is a pathetically sad excuse of a hekaya. It (and you) disappointed me.

kosk,are you aware that if we’re ever in a room together we will f**k" i kinda didn’t expect it and didn’t say anything, just broke into a thin brief smile and stared straight into her eyes for some seconds before quickly changing the topic…
Yaani ulipewa password and you changed topic… Ungekunja huyo lass uchape vitu standing hapo basement… U have let me down kijana.

Eish! Beta males are such sore losers


Ta imajini. Huyu boys ako na kasoro.

missed cat…i translated it to missed pussy…then all i read is:meffi:

Kaa ningekuwa yeye ninge @Tom Bayeye

Wueh! Such are the tales of weakness. You totally deserved it. It’s your loss, you spurned it when you relied on the absence of your room mate in order to bang his lay. And you say y’all were shagging the same honeypots and were comfortable with it or what sort of :meffi::meffi::meffi: is this I’m reading?

Wacheni kuwa hard hivyo kwa Koskei, this hekaya is all right, evidence tu ndio missing (pun intended).

vile homo habilis amesema

Kosk wewe ni ng’ombe sana, ulituangusha design ya noma


if i was to line up the ladies I’ve ferked it would be a real long line kijanaa, probably from Timbuktu to Babylon, yet I’ve never really seen the need to classify myself as either alpha or beta,I seek my own individual experiences, i bet your life revolves on ‘wannabe alpha’ shit you feed on but can never really play it out

Good guys finish last

Kosk23, Am sorry to say you are stupid and a peasant in the field of pu**y laundering.

swafie, you don’t get all the kungurus…sometimes the cat gets them first

my fren, dem akijipa anza na puthy then pombe na hekaya baadaye.

Priorities, Priorities Budda!

Another Beta male. Truth is nice guys finish last. MOve ruthlessly with pussy and you will hit more than you bargained for