Wadau after kuoshwa, your babe girl is eating life with a shovel 254718586589_status_40b79418c1e8413a8b3d984252c614fd.jpg


Mboga ya @kush yule mnono

Send her Mpesa msg that you contributed 5k sasa umwombe ikuss. She took you guys for a ride :D:D:D

@kush yule mnono siunirudishie mkono basi

Hii mboga ni swafi sana …

hii ndio ngoko @Caryobax alirushia mtama worth 5,000? :D:D

Sasa hao swift tech wanataka tupate FOMO ama end goal ni gani haswa?

the same way a prostitute took you for a ride. She assured you that she had reformed. Turns out she was still doing business in the house you were paying for.

You’re even more pathetic that O.P, who, to be fair, thought he was assisting a bereaved friend. You, on the other hand, idiotically thought you could purchase a prostitute’s love.

Social Media influecer? Can’t be an advertisement!


Bonga poa na @MTINGISHA KITANDA!!!


Wacha nilete screenshot kwa archives


happy Pride month kush