Miss Universe

Katika Pilka pilka zangu Mukuru Kwa Zuggabak I stumbled on this on some Ugandan page. I quit team Shilole with immediate effect, I still don’t haven’t gotten her names yet lakini leo by the end of the day nitawaambia.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome my Miss Universe.

[ATTACH=full]129570[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]129571[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]129572[/ATTACH]

Dont let that ass distract you from the fact that all those bishes have ugly weaves

Wolololo Bonge la haga I say. Huyu napenda kuona pantie yake ni size gani walaiii.

thats a humongous,gigantic ass…very intimidating

Even before my balls finally dropped I realised that ass fat ass was only good to look at.
This fine female is all that I need

How do you Corazon/Korason Kwamboka makes money?

A verification committee should be formed immediately to check/ confirm the authenticity of those goods.
Of course @uwesmake will be the chair and will be expected to confirm whether the beauty is holistic!

Have you seen the ass without clothes own. Disgusting. Inakaanga mashimo mashimo with cellulite all over. Between corazon and this fine dim eye mama hapa juu I know what I would spend my money on.
Have you ever held on to an ass of a chiq that works out. So bubbly, soft and warm. Hutawai taka kuona hizi za vera tena. Utakuwa ukitamani huddah kila siku.

Osungu nalia serikali saidiaaaaaa.
Lakini hi haga ni presidential. hapo bila 8 inch huwesmake

kwani wewe hudinya weave?

huwa liability assuming alshaboobs are shooting na hii ni wife… yeye si portable thus hauezi ekelea yeye kwa mabega and she cant run… so you wil have to make the choice kama utawacha apewe dengu peke yake ama muende kama romeo and juliet

Really! That is what you consider when choosing a woman?

If she’s the type that is not keen on personal hygiene ni make up na perfume tu, hiyo nguo ikitolewa utaona faya

Sasa @Mundu Mulosi, niko na swali, I’ve been wanting to ask you something…



Ukiketi kwa baiskeli hiyo kende moja inalala upande gani Ama vipi?

Kitu msuri lakini ukipeleka Kwa nyumba mafisi ndio Hao tena.

It is not that it is right in the middle, ni ya left ilibaki so by default it italala left. You can come and confirm.

Hehehehe! Sawa I’ll make an appointment