Miss Trudy's travels


from a simple vlogger to a globe-trotter. makofi kwake

Yep…a massive fan of Ms Trudy here.

All off the back of a man(Wode Maya), as usual with Kenyan ladies

Kindly go back and read about how they got to know each other before you badmouth her. Does Wode Maya create her content, then think for her, then tell her what to say and how to present herself to her mafans…
Wivu itawauwa peasants.

She the one who was taking another foreign YouTuber around and told him eti kicc is the tallest building in kanairo? She the one who says the word ‘lol’ out loud? She always appears very shallow to me… I’m sure that ghasia is wondering how to break up with her without hurting his brand.

That doesn’t count. Why should I give an F if it’s the tallest building or not.
Some things are trivial.
Hata Trump hakuwa anajua…ama wacha tu.