Miss Mboch

Male Mboch

Most likely alikosa kazi kabisa akaona the deal of being a mboch is too good i.e. 5k salo, no rent, free food etc.

Shida ni why arrest him, better sit him down you know whats up and if you cant hook him up with a jobo just

release him


this shit happens all the time, juzi it was a barmaid in siaya…

kazi ni shida before a man humiliates himself like this, he has tried all means possible

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heheheh iyo sura inakaa ya mtu wa mjengo

He might be a paedophile or rapist looking for easy young targets…

Dude . . The hustle is real

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sometimes in the 1990’s there was this heavily pregnant muslim woman in a buibui, complete with a pregnant woman’s tired walk. her only prob was that her gait changed rather suddenly once she thought she was some distance from the namanga border post and a hawkeyed intell officer noticed…turned out she had bhang taped to “her” body up to the calf muscles…and she was a man…


Now dats pretty fucked up…unaweza anguka watu waite ambulance halafu uambiwe u ‘push’

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Female nannies are molesting little kids too . Like @ol monk said, Kenyans should give mannys a chance after all aren’t women taking up jobs which where traditionally meant for men? Equality anyone?

Reminds me of a neighbor who was caught by the wife in the act with the househelp.
His defense: I was trying to establish if its a real woman, lest it be a man masquerading as a woman.


Life is hard as a man .huyu apewe tu kazi ingine atleast hes willing to work.

Nominee of the day.