@miss finest wine


how about this @Miss Finest Wine
one of my favorite Kenyan song and artist

Ngoja ukutwe na her "Mr Finest Mùcakwe!

Niaje mum? Hope you are oki!

Real cool beat Abunuwasi…vvv silky voice. I don’t know anyone of them but I like Diamond coz my friends sing along to his chunes. Kama saa hii just got off to 2 of them begging twende out, pls our treat on you… I said I don’t go out on Fridays honeyBEEs and you know dat. So tired after a draining week. I like the song…

@inzhener otmeka …Sasa oneni huyu jameni :D:D:D:D unaita Kifagio wangu Kush to these gigs? @kush yule mnono ‘mashexpats makienda kwao tembea hapa’ That is my Mushakwe kikikikiki…woooi…

hehe go and get shit faced kama uko off kesho. i dont like Diamond to repetitive for me

I like Liberty I like…although I still read Abunuwasi between the lines. Niko sawa. The rumours that I am a year older are so true although I will deny on some occassions.:D:DHope uko sawa. Stay safe. You know I know that Ungwaro route.

Naaaa siendi. Even kesho is a vague promise. They said they will come to my ends if Thatched House is too much of a journey. I think it is the way I feel afters the whole week…so tired…that is a turn off. Why can we not parray in a house…they said they are sooo bored of it! sigh.

:D:D:D sijakuelewa dear but its ok. Gone to sleep. See you tomorrow mami.

I meant everything in a humourous way. Over here on one’s birthday at work …we tell each other 'those rumours are not true and one asks what rumours and we say that I am a year older? so don’t mind that bit of the joke.
Then on Abu wacha nisiseme on this song.
Then you know my High School…
There was nothing mesh… just me having some fun but catch you tomorrow…

Insecurity is not a trait I identify with and @Mrs Kuria knows it. Bora tu asikaribie the hairy cat

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D I am sure you know he can be vvv tongue in cheek

I loooove this song.