@miss finest wine ,uko poa.?.. London again!!

Hope you’re well @Miss Finest Wine , looks like the wankers have done it again.
Najua wewe ni mtu wa District line as are most Kenyans in London.
Hope you are all ok!


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It was apparently a premature explosion but still, there is around 18 people hospitalised never mind that the perpetrator is still at large.
Not good.

Tunawaombea. Hao jangili washindwe.

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Poleni. Hope @Miss Finest Wine is ok. Please confirm.


Poleni. 22 injured.
Mayor Khan has said he is so busy to see Trump’s sorry tweets.

But those colors of police cars, aiiii!

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Aesthetics? You want pink ones?

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Heheee. Tiga masweeps

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Waitherero ongea tujue uko sawa.

Sorry ma’am. You were just there. Ready.
Trust ya day has been productive…

Kiuliso, Hiyo gari ni ya Mkamba ??

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Asanteni sana (Uhuru accent required here) kwa wale wamenitafuta. I am good but filled with sadness.
@Ka-Buda KIKIKIKI nimeona hiyo dig ya the District Line. I only use that one kutembelea ngeos ama kwenda Thatched House, but in a way you are right as the attack could be on a weekend. The day you will hear of an attack on the Jubilee Line or the Northern Line nitafute kiasi. A while back you and I had a convo here and I said we are living in fear, great fear. I gave my reasons and also said we shall be hit again soon. I said I was caught up in the Westminster attack. I also said I frequent the bars that were hit in London Bridge so that I can stagger home. I still just cannot imagine sitting there swigging the devil’s sauce and then seeing some men with huge pangas chopping our heads off. I also said I am scared of trucks and always on the alert but nikaona we are not reading from the same page. You drive the truck, I pound the pavement kwenye wametukuta and now I see they are back on the tubes. I commute a lot on the tubes and my thoughts are never far away from an attack every single day. I am more vulnerable than you. I attend concerts too. Sasa I would have to think twice. The terrorists are 10 million miles ahead. Ka-Buda you said it is not that bad.

Heavy police presence this morn at Westminster but I have lost faith in the system. All these attackers are always known to M15. Hata sitaki kusikia crocodile shoes wearer Mrs May akisema ‘we will never be intimidated’. I am intimidated already:(:frowning:


Kubaff. You did not need to get us worrying. All the same. Glad you are well nanii.

I say all the time that I do not log into KTALK at work as I forgot my password which is perhaps a very good thing. I can read and even then it is a stretch. My 3 bosses are always hovering around me demanding this or that and I have been caught 4 times now by the same boss and trying to shut down brings up the KTalk page that looks like a porn site. This one surely thinks I am ‘Busty Samantha the hooker’ come darkness!:frowning:

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You got an alternative…but

Nimenyita!:Dworking on it lakini akikawia sana, atajikuta friend zone. He is speeding there already.

Do not browse Ktalk on your work comp. The day that a virus from this site or the pop ads infects the comp ndio utajua haujui when the IT dept will trace it to the person that was browsing the site. With all the other times that you did on your employer’s time.

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Which is why I said it may be a good thing after all.

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Glad you and @Ka-Buda are safe. We love you all there in Londra
Be safe.

And many more that won’t say it here but isfine.

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