Miss Dowha

I met this gal on the plane on my way back to dowha. It was the late night flight. She sat right across me on the other side of the aisle.

From her body language I could tell it was her first time to fly. Ile kung’ethia hadi anacheki watu na meno, tabia I thought was only a preserve of my okuyu sisters, only to learn later she was a coasterian. All the same alikuwa ameiva, GB kathaa vyenye mi hupenda.

Once all pax were seated and the announcement made over the intercom for cabin crew to cross check the doors, I knew it was my chance to make a move. Nkadandia kama donda wa Rongai. Requested like a gentleman that I always am in times like this, to seat next to her. She obliged. After the pushback and the safety crap we were at the start of the runway ready for takeoff. The pilots did their magic and in no time the plane was hurtling down the runway and soon was airborne.

Vile kulienda while taking off made me not regret my decision to switch seats. Ile kukunjwa nlikunjwa na hii kisokorokwinyo haikuwa mchezo. Lets say the phobia got a hold of her which was a blessing to me.

During the first half an hour it was a bumpy flight to put it mildly. Hope you understand what this meant. Yours trully was kept warm and busy same time trying to assure the las that all was ok. Soon all was back to normal mtoyoyo akatulia. After the meal nkaamua ku indulge in alcohol kiasi while she did some red wine, kiswahili chake kiki massage my ears. Cabin lights zikazimwa. Kidogo akaswitch to some whiskey, hapo ndo maneno ilichacha. She started talking dirty, exhibiting her naughty side that I would have never imagined existed. A few hours before alikuwa kama kuku mgeni but had turned to be a jogoo wa mjini after a few glasses za mvinyo. That was a cue, wapenzi wasomaji.

How about trying some mischief while I had the chance. Kidogo nkam.unzip the jacket and went ahead kufeel majugs. Talk of stiring the beehive. She came down hard on me akafungua zip na kuchomoa mzee Abdallah who was already alert. Kucheza nayo kiasi, nkavuta ile blanketi ya airline nakuiseti karibu. I was sure itapata waks sooner than later. Nkama she was on steroids ju mambo alinifanyia for the next few minutes siwes kueleza yote. Alinipatia bj moja haijuani hadi nkafika. Trust me huyo nguna alichok na hio njoti yote. She might have been naive na mambo ya ndenge but not hii maneno ingine. I had to return the favour and ile yellow paging nlimfanyia alibaki anashake nkama kisiagi ya @Mundu Mulosi . I at one point thought that ule mujamaa alikuwa kwa hio seat ya mbele alikuwa anatuchungulia but wapi, he was just changing gears na akaendelea kulala like nothing was going on. Seems like he noticed what was happening behind him na akakulia vako. I could tell from the way he was looking at us tukidondoka. Uzuri wa kuwa mujamaa mujanja.

I still cunt believe we were up there above the clouds, closer to God tukifanya tabia mbaya. The good time was rudely interupted when the cabin lights were suddenly switched on and the captain announcement that we were beginning the decent to Dowha. So what to do? I just did the next sensible thing and asked the lady for her whatsapp contact. Sikuwa ready to let that good thing slip away just like that.

Within 30 minutes we were on the ground taxing towards the terminal. We went through the immigrations and custom check and found ourselves at the arrivals meet and greet area. Unfortunately for me the happy hour had come to an abrupt end as there was some agent standing with a board on his hand, the company name she was going to work for scribbled on it. Akanipigia zile kwaheri za haraka bila hata a goodbye hug.

Dint hear from her for a whole 2 months until we bumped into each other at the carrefour hypermarket at the city centre. From that point we had dates after dates and we finally finished what we had started pale kwa airspace ya Kenya.

I was waiting for this,riight on time(say it in dj afros way)wacha nirudi nisome polepole sasa.

Half welcome to the mile high club.


Hekaya iko swafi Mr. Roto Tank.



:D:D:D:D:D hehehe this below the beolt haha shenji

Hii hekaya imepikwa lakini imekosa to garnishing.

@kush yule mnono is back!..hekaya swafeee

Bril’ hekaya as usual!

…and then you woke up!

swafe sana

Ni atia mwendwa wakwa …

Ndimwega muno no ndire mwendwa waku.

Yaani after all the squirting courtesy of my mucakwe na zile ngemi zote ulikuwa unatoa unaachilia tu a good thing iende hivyo. Kuwa serious kairetu

Oki Kush, yes naachilia…you know I hate repeating myself or hearing something a million times raight? Final time…I will not be coming back! No sequel 2 from me. Non non non. Tafuta mwingine to tag.

Does it count if you were on a bus?

This re the kicks of a horse about to go back to its owner.

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Airbus labda

Had a similar

Had a similar experience kwa train nikielekea ruiru. Wale wanaelewa watajua after dandora the train is usually almost empty.