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After spending billions and billions of money on an SGR, the government of kenya has realised that transport by road might make more sense than the locomotive, we are now going to built a 6laned highway connecting Mombasa to Nairobi… Can someone click forward button and accelerate Uhurus term???

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Uhuru ni guteeeee!

These are two major cities. The road between the two should have been a dual carriageway from the beginning. Its about time it was upgraded.

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Shida iko wapi?? Kenya will benefit from both the SGR and the upgraded road!

But not at 300 billion shillings.

If they build for 300B there should be a lane made of murram made for people of Tilda, Belta, Platz and Note. Wakiingia tarmac wanachapwa fine ya 35k. Chieth!

VS why so much for " petite "cars .They are next best thing since the death of V8 engine

This post lacks subject, reason, thought, content and it is just braggadacio. It is even very difficult to reason with you. No wondr you see it is nincompoops who have thrown weight behind you above…Did you ever thought that since SGR is built there will be no need for a better road, did you ever thought that building road before SGR could have reduced the cost of SGR? This is a zero-cent and voodoo reasoning.

Because all bad, shitty, and slow drivers drive them. You can be on southern bypass doing a good 90-100kph and find one of those fuckers on the fast lane doing 50…and there is no one infront of him!:mad:
Or they start of overtaking a trailer/truck then decide to match its exact speed speed once they are along side it!!

Pole Mzito , we have a problem as Kenyan drivers .Some will hurl insults kwako if you try to tell them they are in the wrong lane.

pole maze!

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I don’t know where I got it from, cant remember rather

High time we build a three-lane highway from Msa to Malaba border. We’ll call it I1. The other from Lamu to Moyale we’ll call it I2

So is your comment! Kenya lacks the financial muscle to fund such a project. It will have to be borrowed if not PPP. Roads are important but if most citizens can’t use it (due to high cost of living as a result of additional taxes), it becomes useless. The CBK governor warned against more borrowing for infrastructure projects.

Hii Southern bypass kuna siku niko 140 na Cayenne, some guys overtook me ni kama natembea, I thought my speedometer was faulty.