Minimum wage

When I think of the plight of those who live with it,I do feel for them. After graduating ten years ago,I underwent a life that my four years in UON had not prepared for. Worse still my friends seemed to be lucky…getting teller jobs,graduate trainees etc when all I was getting is regrets and series of interviews only to flop in the last one. You can say I had a masters in aptitude tests. In 2006…I had lived in Dandora phase 2, Banana and Maji Moto in Narok South all in attempts to make ends meet. I remember going home in 2007 and everyone would see how emanciated I looked others saying that i should not go back…so when I hear that word…minimum wage…mmmh I understand the plight of those workers claiming the increase.

kindly give us the full story please. did u make it in the end? if so how? u never know who u might inspire in here


@bjurmann, full story please. Kindly.

I hope you are now doing well. I as well remember a time I could not afford underwear let alone new shoes

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Hata wewe, tupe stori tafadhali. Inspire someone with it. And don’t worry, I’m not the kind to ask for mbisha.

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Well,when I was in maji moto(had gone there after a buddy told me there are very many cheap lands in Narosoora to farm tomatoes) I was unable to go past that shopping centre. The land was was so arid and I guessed it could not be any good 40kms away to Narosoora…in other wads i gave up slept in that goat smelling centre. The next day I sought BOG employment in the nearby girls boarding school. Took maths and physics since they had less teachers in that area. Soon I could get bored…those maa chics would get nothing but I continued anyway. Network was only present if you placed your phone in a particular place and in a particular way. In my third month and now making plans on how to start farming tomatoes 40-60kms away,I got a phone call starting with 020…placing it on my ear network zero. I had to go to Form 4 South an Eng lesson going on pleaded with the teacher to take his lesson to the lab so that I can stand at a particular spot and wait for the call. The call came,.,anatha sec calling me for an aptitude test for my current organization. I latter told myself I will just give this one try and if I dont get am done with job seeking. One interview led to another…the last one and the 3rd was medical. The process took like six months. During medicals the doctor assured me mshachukuliwa unless you have serious medical issues…with no corruption…without giving out any bob guys…i got that job in 2009b. Niko na six figure…Mungu yupo. The problems that I went thru are out of this world but I laugh when I remember. Its kind of funny. Never give up. I quit smoking a habit i picked juu ya stress…well there is hope for every situation.


Man your story is more or less similar to mine:

1)also watched my classmates getting jobs especially hizo za management trainees nikibaki kupata regrets.
2)went to live in a 1500 room in soko mjinga,kisauni. hio rent was an uphill task kupata
3)started teaching in a private school one year after all my efforts looking for a job bore no ni 3600 na inalipwa kwa instalments.sema kulala njaa.treking kwenda kufundisha(using vichochoro of course,mwalimu could not be seen treking) coz could not afford 15/- from soko mjinga to was unbearable and almost thought of going back home.
Was invited by a friend nimuuze kwa duka yake ya agrovet.again things were not good.

4)got a call to attend an aptitude test.the interviews went for the job last year.Though I net in 70k+,I appreciate…

There were Times I thought nothing better would come my way and that am doomed.tough times don’t last.


See what I was saying? Thanks for the story. It’ll hopefully inspire someone not to despise small beginnings. As I always say, Mwanzo wa ngoma ni lele.

Kina @Deorro, mnasoma hii maneno?

Kq? Failed the medicals. Became so depressed

Wacha hizo. Full story tafadhali. Thank you in advance.:slight_smile:

He he…i feel you. Kwanza the kind of food i used to it esp nikiwa Dandora. …well let me just tumetoka mbali

waah na nilidhani mimi nilitarmac. kumbe mine was a walk in the park compared to what people went through

Why? Hope si dryfry consequences

I was practically a virgin at the time, so no.

Sorry doc, I’m a little busy today. Maybe another time. I was diagnosed with hepatitis B. Man, it was depressing. For the next year or so I was suicidal. When walking along the road I had this urge to just move one step closer to oncoming trucks. Well, at least it alerted me to the condition. I had just started taking alcohol. Otherwise I’d probably have progressed to cirrhosis or worse cancer by now

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Woishe. .:frowning:

Phew! Trying times those must have been.

I also look at my classmates driving splashing money right left and centre but i dont loose hope …ive gone through it all am in the blue collar industry its tough but il get there am in the baby steps stage but at least i got shelter and something to put in my stomach even though my efforts are sometimes underpayed and good opportunities slip through my fingers i thank God coz he blessed me with hands and with them il make it…

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Think of it this way…if they have made it, then your day is coming as well…birds of a flock, fly the same wind together. Don’t loose hope

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What most guyz are not saying is that it was very easy to crawl back home to Daddy’s or Mummy’s house for the safety and predictability, but most of us chose to stick our heads out and hide from them any signs we were struggling with the sole aim of wanting to make it on our own.

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