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Is it supposed to be a big deal? It looks like something any decent army should have.

It has that Hollywood American commando appeal. Just like Humvees and M4 rifles. But I wonder if these new weapons are really effective and what our soldiers require ama ni PR tu and faceless guys getting kickbacks from tenders in the background.

If they had this weapon at El Adde, they could have vaporized those suckers.

maka wangeuzia nani? ile ni biashara si vita, hata hawataki kutoka.

It is a big deal several African countries don’t have mini guns

Not the American variant.

This is actually a Chinese LM12

This thing is kadeadly. 1000rounds per minute it can fire bullets from 2500 - 6000rpms. Meaning you’ll be shredded by its 7.62 rounds by the time you hear it’s brrrrt.

This is better suited being mounted on an aerial vehicle like a helicopter. Or mounted on top of an MRAP.

Io biz iko na blessing ya nani?

Hapo on point kabisa …:smiley:

i’ve seen a rapid moving vehicle severally with that thing imeshikiliwa hapo nyuma huko garissa county

drones ndio tunataka not this 1980’s movie prop