Mini PC

I am seriously considering purchasing a mini PC. Are there any downsides? Should I just go for a laptop? Something like this:


(Image credit: Minisforum)
What is it? The Minisforum UM700 is a very small computer powered by an AMD Ryzen 7 processor.
What makes it special? The Ryzen 7 CPU is seriously powerful and the whole system is extremely well-balanced. It will also appeal to businesses as it comes with Windows 10 Pro, rather than Windows 10 Home.
Why should I buy it? We have yet to find anything that that comes close to it in terms of features. If you can prove us wrong, let us know via Twitter.
How much does it cost? This deal is available from Banggood for $499.99 (about £372/AU$672) until January 31, 2021, when you use code BGDec09, which applies to the HK Warehouse. That’s an extra $59.01 off the current sale price of $559 and gets you almost 15% off its suggested retail price overall.

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Go for it. There are better gaming mini pcs you can get assembled for you with the amount you want to use for the import.
contact these guys;

Why don’t you just go with a raspberry pi?:smiley:
Seriously though, for me, when it comes to PCs, I like real estate. I want a form factor that allows me to swap and upgrade components, because I like getting the most out of stuff I have purchased, and so i use them till they are no longer usable. I want to be able to bump up ram, swap hdds/ssds, throw in pci devices like graphics cards etc. I also think adequate cooling is an important aspect to consider, especially with today’s cpus and m.2s. Security; I don’t want to encrypt hdds only to have someone pocket my pc and walk out with it.

Lastly, and this is anecdotal, when i worked support I witnessed dozens of these minis fail spectacularly and in ways that were almost always impractical to recover.

Hope the newer models are more stable.


You don’t just buy something coz it exists. Ask yourself what you need a PC for and get one that will fit that purpose with the knowledge that within three years, it will be obsolete.

A mini PC is designed mostly for light duties such as web browsing, movies and audio listening HTPC duties. Such light uses means there’s no power hungry processors, GPU or even active cooling.