Mimi Nikiona utanishinda Nakucharaza Moja Ya monkey


Upuusu thread

Mnapigania mwanamke?? Afadhali nipiganie ugali wakifungua hio sport 2025 courtesy of @uwesmake @Mundu Mulosi and @Abba @123tokambio will be the supplier of the tender to the sport

Trukana culture, common in animal kingdom

Primitive culture to say the least.

Have you watched documentary about wildlife ?
In this village mnasema kunguru hafugiki , just to hide your male chauvinism ! Few manage to corner their 'partners " but the women Will procreate with males of quality genie…no worder the DNA nonsense

That is just a form of lekking. Men lek all the time. Even kwa club, you wear a tight tshirt to show off your arms and abs, you drive in a loooong car and park it in a conspicous spot, bouncers greet you na heshima you fakking useless fak. You talk a talk, and sit like a champ. Heheheeee… Halafu you get a fakkin no nonesense drink just to prove you can walk the talk. Facking useless piece-a-shit. Halafu you think you do not lek. Ati it is for primitive Turkana. Primitive?

ni wapi nimeandika primitive mbwa hii

:smiley: Takataka shienz. Sikuona ni Chifu, ng’ombe yeye.

you are the prince, set your own rules.