Millitary aircraft crash in Germany

The bundeswehr has confirmedthe crashing of two millitary eurofighter airplanes. One pilot has been found alive.


[I]Two fighter jets have crashed into each other in a remote part of north Germany, the country’s Air Force said.

Emergency services dashed to northern Fleesensee, near Malchow, after the smash, which involved Eurofighter warplanes.

It happened near the Laage military base in the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern region at around 2pm local time (1pm UK time).

Pictures shows smoke billowing into the sky

A spokesman for Air Force squadron in nearby Laage said both pilots had pressed the ejection seat.

They were both missing but one was found at around 3.15pm local time, around one hour and 15 minutes after the smash.

The number and nature of injuries are not yet known.[/I]

250m pounds went up in smoke like that. Kulilia kwa choo kama US

I cannot avoid thinking that the pilots were playing with their toys and mistimed. Disciplined flying would never allow this kind of material to freestyle and meet mid-air.

Bundeswehr have been really struggling to have operation ready aircrafts,Trump said earlier that NATO must spend at least 4% of their respective GDP in security and the army,hii lazma Ni malfunction ya ndege but let’s wait and see.

shouldn’t panyaste be the digi of this?

@Panyaste ,ebu Leta more details mkubwa

si umesoma hapo juu it happened in a remote town.