Millennials & dumb tattz

We all did dumb stuff in our youth for those in their 30s… Personally i pierced my left ear., used to wear a stud but stopped once i clocked 26, just felt it wasnt the image i wanted people to see, i guess it was all part of getting mature. Now my young cuz he is 23 university student final year just got a tatoo done on his chest… And when i say chest its like a sleeve plus half of his right chest, asked the guy why… He says its whats hot. Asked him if it will still be hot in 10years time… Hehehe now the bugga wants to erase the damn thing… Any leads as to what he should do… Its still pretty fresh.

Mshow akawasaki and let the good times roll…akina lil wayne maisha yao inaendelea iyo kifaranga amechora kwa chest sio issue


Laser removal surgery.


Otherwise, tell him to either run his own business, or be ready for a lifetime of minimum wage jobs.


Akina lil tunechi got lots of mulla… Sasa hapa third world unachora vitu hadi shingo…eeh.


Ile rubbed inakuanga kwa Oxford mathematical set, the blue part itafuta


Hio haiwes… Buda… Hii si tat ya biro…

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Painful Asf

what’s tat got to do with minimum wage,is he going to work naked?


saw this brown teller with an anchor just above her left breast and she kept pulling up her blouse every few seconds to cover it after she realized the top was leaving it open for her customers to see. one could clearly tell it was seriously eating up her self-esteem.


Kuna mzee ako kama 70’s hapa naivasha nimeona ako na tattoo ya a partially naked woman on his fore arm yeye hushida amevaa long sleeve.

Tattoos on the melanin rich skin always looks horrible.


Though I have none, hii argument ya ‘Ukizeeka utakaa aje?’ doesn’t fly any more. It’s a very mid nineties argument. The world is changing guys.


Tatoos look really bad as someone ages and skin start to sag.
Ile lion ulikuwa umechora ukiwa 20s by the time iko 50s inakaa paka :D:rolleyes:


a university student reasoning with his dick. mwambie ang’oe hio shoulder

Wanted to ask the same question… Maybe the interviews will involve stripping naked…

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upuss. youth have this silly thing of dis’ing something as old. i know, i was young once.


Nothing wrong with tatoos as long as you answer the question,will i regret doing this,i have one on 3/4 of my left arm.No regrets doing it. Know someone who has tatooed his body from chest to waist.As long as you can cover it in office situstions,no prob.When you are getting old and lame,dont try to understand why an incoming generation does some certain things,I have hit 30 and do not try to inquire why peoplevin their 20s do certain things,maybe because i am liberal

Atumie sandpaper #10 aka 100


Tattoo iko kwa chest can be easily covered p during work hours wacha kudanganya

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I think we’re on different pages mzee.