Milking Nuts

There’s an abundance of untapped wealth lying dormant in Kenya. Going with global trends with Vegan products. The Kenya nut sector has been seriously been undermined.

My people of Embu/Meru have been growing Macadamia for the longest. And mainly exporting the raw without any value addition.

We can milk nuts to produce nutritious milk substitutes which are healthy and go good with tea, coffee, cereal, oatmeal etc.

And mind you most of the stuff I seen stocked in Kenyan stores are imported. And yet they’re very easy to make.

Here’s a few options below.

Cashew Milk

Macadamia Milk

Do my people in Embu/Meru do this with the abundance of macadamia nuts they grow?

Almond Milk

Walnut Milk

Rice Milk

Oat Milk

Hemp Milk

Sorghum Milk

Pistachio Milk

You see the message I’m trying to pass is we grow things we don’t value. And yet there’s a big enough market locally and worldwide where we can supply them with out Nut Milks.

Is it just me who thought this is about eye cleansing?

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Export of raw macadamia is illegal.

You wanna milk the nut and sell where ?

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Naskia wa dame want that gym body.

They buy the milked nuts and lose weight.

They’re shelled and exported.

The price for the nut is good around 180shs per kilo. If we started value addition and make Macadamia Butter, milk, oil etc. It’d help a whole lot of people.

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Most Tesos align themselves with Luhyas. They are not proud of their tribe.