military training for form four leavers

“Church official calls on the government to provide all Form Four leavers with military training as a means of fighting terror.”
Sii hii nikama kupea kina mauki family military training ndio wajue kutumia hizo bunduki wanaringa nazo


It will cut both ways, when they decide to cross over and join the dark side tutaona shida kwanza with no employment opportunities

Another knee-jerk reaction.

The idea is “noble” but it requires alot of discipline, the kind of discipline that the gun carrying watchmen of Uganda (who are paid peanuts btw) have.
Not in Kenya…maybe…maybe not.

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Kenya we run before learning how to crawl …there are so many issues to be addressed before such a move is made

Unfortunately we are a knee jerk reaction society

I dn’t see that being an issue.There are so many countries with compulsory military training for teens after clearing high school. This nurtures discipline and you have a standby force, more so security and fire arms are respected.

P.S talking from the top of my head, Google is there.

Just google or wikipedia the swiss volunteer force and you will see benefits of compulsory military training.The Swiss are even allowed to leave with their service rifle and 50 bullets after completing the mandatory service period.But this would only work in a developed economy hapa Kenya that equates to wholesale blood letting

Hii inaweza kuwa disaster hapa juu ya ukosefu wa kazi


Like with everything Kenyan, the idea may be noble but it’s impementation messy.