Milfs are sweet ....


I specialize in milfs, I think it’s because my first sexual experience was with our maid, she was 25 I was 13


how do they manage to maintain that kanyau to still have a tight-soft grip? unapata milf has 3 kids and when she hands you her sweet honey-pot
to play with as you like, una-feel kameshikilia mzuri kama ya fresher campo who just completed 4th form a while ago !
Thanks for the new year gifts @Mpenda … you and @rexxsimba lately have been whitening and shining our eyeballs.

Utachoka tu na utafute rika zako… Way after they’ve drained your energy

13 years ukiwa class 7 ulimwaga ndani?

Hekaya ikuom

by rika zake i think you’re referring to the age bracket right? there are ladies in their early to mid 20s who are even bigger/momoic than the ones
posted na bado hawajazaa (see genes) ! maybe ungesema resources but sikuizi you pay for poosy one way or the other ata kama ni msupa wa kwako;
gari kama hii hauskumi ukiwa unenge buda… hapa unajibonda sembe mzuri

I use to specialize in milfs while I was living in nai. Unapata pussy iko tight vizuri ata kuliko ya some girls wenye hawajazaa…
There was one that use to practice kegels so she had this tabia of kufinyilia dick when I was about to cum, eeh kijana nilikuwa namwaga hadi bonemarrow. Whenever I’d encounter her naweza chapa the whole week still recovering

You were defiled :smiley: :smiley:

That’s Khensy lol

Siwezimind kukuingia DFHKM

Swafi. They are full of love.

The wall is behind
If you look keenly, You might see the Masking tape

Big man, share that video on this platform and bless the elders.

Kabisaa. Kwanza hawa hawana matumbo. Shida ni
you only fuck this type for fun and dont overdo it otherwise you risk having them following you around for the rest of your life.

Uliskumiwa vida unyonge nayo monkey

Omwami leta namba

Kabisa, yote ndani.

MILF love is the best. Got one from spring valley and have been tight for the last 10 years.