Mike Sonko's Response to the President


Michuki must be spinning in his grave.

What could he have done?

He would have told uhuru to grow some balls.

Kama Sonko alifanya hiyo kazi yote basi alionewa

Ata waongee venakiula Bbi haipiti Centro.

Arror’s people know what they are doing. They are backed by someone the system can’t afford to offend.

Uhuru is an embarrassment to this Nation.

Sonko has wiped the floor with mlevi hapa. Still, if Kenyans actually voted on the basis of policy leaders like sonko, UK, WSR, and RAO would not even be elected to represent county assemblies. Jubilee party should have been dead on arrival, RAO should have been lucky to remain relevant, and thugs like sonko would be pining away in prison. Yet here we are, still debating and getting confused by the same choices we’ve had for over two decades.

shit hole country

Kenya is a bullshit country led by bullshit leaders

kenya will forever be shit hole as we keep following leaders offering nothing but shit

Uhuru has a good and great vision for Kenya.

who cares about visions? ata mighty prophet owuor ako na vision za dunia mzima

The truth is that Mike Sonko did very little for Nairobi. General Badi would have nothing to do if Sonko had done the job he was elected to do.
On the decision to remove governor Mike Sonko I agree with president Uhuru 100% the guy is useless

Good Sonko.
Though i am not supporter of any current leaders, but i ask myself, by looking at this ‘hustler’ wave, how power will be shared among hustler (Ruto) supporters? (dont read Wananchi) here i am talking ‘people’ who have special ‘privaleji’ in hustler’s movement.

Mike Sonko reminds one of that Echesa character, pure thug

Sonko was the youngest among governors. He has a bright political future, impleachment is not the end of his story. Uhuru was nothing till he was handpicked by Moi as heir. Chokora Sonko has fought his way to the high table. You and your nice degrees cannot talk to girls, buy sex and think you are better than chokoras who get if free?

Kenyans are so shortsighted…

Kupakana matope sasa