Mike Sonko transferred to Kamithi Maximum Prison

When Donald Trump was shown the exit doors of the White House January 20, he quickly exited and has learned to keep his foul mouth shut. He knows there is a new sherrif in town. Joe might look genial, but he can kick butt if he needs to. He is the new duly elected supremo.

On the other hand, Mike Sonko, the equally loud and obnoxious loser decided to get into a d.ick measuring contest with Uhunye. Not realizing that the Prezzo was chasing skirts long before Sonko was born. Sonko did not have the requisite skills to manage a city the size of Nairobi, and had been given a soft landing, but decided to fight instead

The sad results are there for all to see. A “pregnant” Sonko is sobbing in court like a wet chicken. Why a millionaire ten times over has decided to lose it all over temper tantrums is beyond me. But do I say!!!

Mukipigia wajinga kura na serikali iwape cheo vikuu,hii ndio matokeo. Play stupid games,win stupid awards


I say it again and I will repeat it again " Ex-Govna ni MATAKO"

When normal people find themselves in a hole, they stop digging. Lakini Sonko ni nani? Digging straight through to Australia!!

Not long ago, Sonko alikuwa anasema yeye ndio 3rd most powerful person in Kenya after Uhuru and Ruto.

Saa hizi ata akitupwa solitary confinement na funguo zipotee hakuna mtu anajali.


Si uyu msee angequit politics ten years venye alisema

Achunishwe mboga huko

Wacha sasa tuone kama vijana wake wataingia streets kesho

Scumbag layers are salvtiing on ex-govna bank accounts. Saumu daughter ataza na malawyer.


30 days bana will be like a year for him in kamiti. Ajipange na sleeping pills za kutosha. Mbele haiko sawa

Huyu Assa Nyakundi si ndio alipiga kijana yake risasi akamaliza…Kenyan jail is for the poor

Sonko’s vote is still intact. If he was to stand in Nairobi he is still the man to beat. Middle class mdomo ndio mingi

Hizo kura zote ni MATAKO.

Sonko ni mjinga tuu

He is not new to picking up soap.

TRUE. Middle class, the twitters, and internet shennanigans huwa bure tuu.