Mike Sonko 'stole elections'-Miguna Miguna

Fifteen of the 17 Forms 37Bs used to declare Mike Sonko winner of the Nairobi Governor’s seat were fake, Miguna Miguna has said.

Miguna has promised to take action over the new revelation without giving more details -Sonko beat stiff competition from then incumbent Evans Kidero and other contenders including Miguna to emerge victor .

The election victory of Mike Sonko as Nairobi Governor has been questioned after emergence of questionable Forms 34Bs.

This was revealed on Saturday, September 30 by former Independent candidate for the seat Miguna Miguna. Miguna took to social media to announce the revelation claiming that out of the 17 forms, only two were genuine.

Hata kura ikirudiwa Sonko atashinda tu bado- Though this time i would vote for MM

Miguna should just accept that money talks in Nairobi politics. There’s no way he is going to win unless he gets his money up

He’s just talking out of his arse again. If he was serious he would have filed a petition. Oh shite! He’s time barred for that.

the d- journo can’t even get his story right! is it form 37B or form 34B??

migunas tweets are more than the votes he got.

Pamoja na comments zake aende atafte kazi twitter

After this political season, Miguna will be one of the biggest losers reputation wise. So far he has been unable to make a single correct prediction.
But he is too proud and arrogant to realize that the reason TV stations love him is because of his loud mouth, like Matsanga before him. He assumes they are interested in hearing his ‘wise words’.
With people like Miguna advising him, no wonder Baba loses every election.
If Miguna is interested in a government job, he is even dumber. Even in the unlikely scenario that Raila wins, he can never forgive Miguna for the things he wrote about him. If Baba tries to forgive, his wife Ida will smack his head to remind him.
In short, Miguna is hated by both Jubilee and Nasa. Very unfortunate place to find yourself.

Matsanga works for Uhuru, correct

Matsanga may be a loud mouth but his predictions are spot on.

On what capacity?
I’ve never even seen a picture of the two together.
But my point was, the media loves them for their loud voice not their brains. Unfortunately Raila takes in such guys to be his advisors… No wonder he keeps losing.

Sinko can double Miguna’s votes zifike 20k and still win.

That’s why he is independent, shouldn’t affect him anyhow if he is hated by both parties. I love that he has got much tv time now. A lot of Kenyans have come to understand where he’s coming from. If only you could take time and listen to him while not being blinded by hate you will realize he’s intelligence and vision can be put to very good use here in Nairobi

He is not independent. Joined Nasa after August 8. He has been kissing Raila’s a** since then.
And if he were as intelligent as you think he is, he should be able to figure out that he will never be accepted back by Raila.

Who has that picture of Migooner Migooner without a hat? I need to laugh some more.

Na hiyo mudomo kubwa hivo?

Perhaps some people would rather stick to their principles and lose, being at peace with their conscience, rather than compromise to win.

Major progress is usually brought about by the stubborn people who refuse to accept status quo, and aim for better things.

Where did he announce he joined NASA?

if we were to use your criteria then we wouldnt elect Uhuru simply becaause ako na macho nyanya

Sio mecho. Ni mudomo.