Mike Sonko Mbuvi and others......

Now that the SC has set the bar too low, if Miguna Miguna petitions the election of Sonko, on the basis that He’s a convicted criminal, and IEBC made an error, by clearing him to vie, will Sonko bid bye bye to elective politics ?
The others are politicians, whom EAC had warned IEBC against issuing certificates.
What’s the likely income to this.

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Boss chapter 6 was decided by the Supreme Court of Mutunga when he allowed the 2 suspects to vie. Ndio maana Jaguar who is charged with murder of 2 young boys hapo Sagana was still on the ballot. Chapter 6 ilienda na maji kitambo


Its only Presidential contest that goes directly to SC. All other election petition starts at the High Court.

Kama ulishindwa, ulishindwa

Too late, the window for petITION passed already.

I thought ni 28 days window

Most judges in the lower courts will ignore the Supreme Court precedent nonsense and choose to use their brains.
I don’t see Sonko’s victory been overturned on the basis of a few Form 34As lacking watermarks.