mike muia, will the NYS II movers walking at the end of it.

legal minds in the house. what happens next ? the lead investigator is implicated ? does these warrant for new investigators ?





There will be a miscarriage of prosecution. This will start afresh and freed from detention

the case is weak. if it continues, the culprits will walk. it ought to start afresh. these revelation goes ahead to show why the Ngiritas exhibited alot of confidence despite what has been facing them.

Just fucking amazing.

1.githeri media. EACC has nothing to do with NYS,this is being done by DCI.EACC came under pressure for poor investigations and rushed some files to DPP,DPP is saying those files are wanting not NYS which is already underway.
2. Doesn’t the affidavit reverse burden of proof? According to my rudimentary law understanding (I could be wrong here),it does not suffice to claim Mike Muia had conflict of interest ,you have to show how such conflicts compromised evidence collected materially to make continuing untenable. Getting such evidence dismissed with prejudice is very tough.
3. Mike Muia should be fired and prosecuted.