Mijinga nyinyi

On the morning of the upcoming general elections,no Kenyan of sane mind should wake up to go line up and vote.
Hawa leadera wametuchezea from MCA to the president.
Picking a lesser evil is even worse because such person will grow to a full evil.
All possible candidates are tainted,we deserve better…I.will not vote,you should not vote #kenianswillnotvote

Riwe riwaro!!!


@MikeOck , @The.Black.Templar , @lovemashbae , @Coronatities ARE WOMEN WITH BIG PUSSSSIES MASQUERADING AS MEN

Very wicked of you to forget @ChifuMbitika

Nilisema sitawai jisumbua kupiga line mapema to vote for selfish individuals who will end up stealing my taxes that i pay. Bure kabisa

Most of keyboard warriors never vote any way

I’m my life … I have never ever voted … King of the lowlands.